Brad Green

For U.S. House Utah District 2

Brad is running as the Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S. House Utah District 2 seat. He won the nomination at the special Libertarian Party Convention on June 24, 2023. He will not be on the primary ballot and will be on the General Election ticket November 21, 2023. 


Meet Brad

According to his website…

My name is Brad Green. I’m running for United States House of Represenatives from Congressional District 2. Utah deserves a representative that shares the pro-freedom values of the majority of Utahns. I am that candidate. My platform is simple: defend the US Constitution’s original intent. That includes fighting for a constitutionally-limited federal government; separation of powers; co-equal branches of government; and a respect for the sovereignty of these United States.

In our modern day, the Federal Government has become unaccountable to those it is tasked to defend and serve. Congress’s favorability is at all-time lows. Many citizens feel disenfranchised, ignored, and abused. With the scope of government growing so far outside its original intent, there seems to be an infinite hunger for more federal power and influence.

The “Founding Fathers” of this great nation foresaw that risk, and tried to build safeguards against it; but we the people have lost our voice, and are continually losing our power. I have learned ways to reverse that trend, and I want to show millions of others how to join me in that effort!

  • Entrepreneur / Businessman
  • Family man, Father of 4
  • Community Leader
  • Famous Missionary
  • Gun Advocate
  • Former Republican Leader
  • Effective Grassroots Fighter